Moribex-Fe 24mg

MORIBEX-Fe Tablets are used to assist in treatment of anemia caused lack of iron in the diet or loss of iron from the body.

MORIBEX-Fe Is an iron supplement for healthy red blood cell formation and function.

MORIBEX-Fe Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Each MORIBEX-Fe chewable tablet contains: Elemental iron 24 mg ( As microencapsulated ferric saccharate 60 mg)

Product features:

  • No metallic state
  • No gastrointestinal side effects
  • High stability
  • High bioavailability for better absorption
  • Extremely successful usage across various domains throughout the world


  • MORIBEX-Fe is safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
  • MORIBEX-Fe does not effect your ability to drive a car operate machinery.
  • Iron is an essential constituent of the body and necessary for hemoglobin formation and for the oxidative process of living tissues. MORIBEX-Fe contains microencapsulated iron which is essential in the production of red blood cells

Importance of iron:

  • Iron is an important mineral required for a number of essential cell function and hence is a vital nutrient
  • Only trace amounts of it are needed
  • [8:30 PM, 8/14/2020] Utsav BosLeo: Vital for oxygen transportation,
    [8:32 PM, 8/14/2020] Utsav BosLeo: energy production, hormone synthesis, growth, development, brain function, immune activity, and healthy cell function

Prosec® – Skin Stapler

We offer Prosec – Skin Stapler which is simple and reasonably designed and easy to operate. It sews up rapidly and is very reliable. No operational training is required. Staples with different external diameters and width can apply to sewing different operation incision. The sewing time is short and minimizes occurring of complication, and reduce operation cost. The range is sterilized with ETO.

Pro-Visc 3D™ – Composite Dual Side Mesh

We offer an excellent range of Pro-Visc 3D – Composite Dual Side Mesh. It is the fIrst dual-side mesh in the market for intra-peritoneal placement, Pro-Visc 3D is a macro-perforated structure which has two unique sides –a permeable peritoneal side in polyester for excellent fibroblast colonization and rapid tissue fixation; and a non-absorbable and non-adherent smooth side in polyurethane allowing fluid transfer and contact with viscera. The dual-side mesh is equipped with sutures and has a visual mark printed on polyester for easy mesh centering.

Pro-AB™ – Partially Absorbable Mesh

We offer Pro– AB Partially Absorbable Light Weight Mesh for Hernia Repair. The range is ideal for use in treatment of inguinal and ventral hernias. This light weight mesh (Polypropylene amount < 30 gms/m2) has brilliant handling and better patient comfort.It has good initial stiffness during implantation and very good burst strength. Further the range also shows fine flexibility after absorption and better tissue integration due to large pores. It has blue visible strips aid orientation and placement. The Pro-AB – Partially Absorbable Mesh is made from tried and tested materials researched over a long period of time.

Prolus ®- Ultra Lite Polypropylene Mesh

We design, develop and manufacture Prolus – Ultra Lite Polypropylene Mesh that is ideally used for abdominal wall reinforcement, treatment of incisional, inguinal and crural hernias. The range can be used in both celioscopy and laparotomy. We have also designed a totally automatic in-line packaging machine where forming, sealing, trimming, printing and cutting are all done in a continuous motion, thus eliminating human error and handling

Prolus ®- Lite Polypropylene Mesh

We offer Prolus – Lite Polypropylene Mesh with a Unique Blue, Lightweight yet strong, polypropylene mesh for use in abdominal sacrocolpopexy procedures. The Lite is a large pore, monofilament, polypropylene mesh that is uniquely blue in color for exceptional visibility and handling. It is the thinnest mesh indicated specifically for sacrocolpopexy procedures. It is widely recognized to improve host tissue acceptance , while strength is important for the durability of the range.

Prolus ®- Polypropylene Mesh

We offer a very sturdy and efficient variety of Prolus Polypropylene Mesh which is a prosthesis designed to reinforce the abdominal wall, via celioscopy or laparotomy, in cases of Crural and inguinal hernia and Incisional hernia. It cuts using a laser machine to stop the edges from tearing. This helps in providing precise shape. The mesh is transparent and flexible, making it ideal for use in celioscopy or laparotomy and enabling it to fit perfectly against the cavity wall. Our Prolus – Polypropylene Mesh has brilliant multidirectional mechanical properties and and resistance to fraying. Its non shrinkage feature offers long term material consistency. The range has very high tensile strength.Knot pull strength exceeds USP limits. The mesh is very smooth of texture that results in very little tissue trauma. Prolus sutures used in cardiovascular surgery are straight packed to minimize memory. Packed using Tyvek paper for extra security.

Stelus™ – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture

We offer laser welded Stelus sutures. Our comprehensive range of Stelus – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture is composed of 316L stainless steel conforming to ASTM Standard F138 Grade 2 “Stainless steel bar and wire for surgical implants. This type of suture is the preferred choice of surgeons as these meet all operational norms. Steel sutures are the most inert among all suture materials and provide maximum tensile strength. Stelus – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture is preferred for use in abdominal wound closure, intestinal astomosis, hernia repair, sternal closure and also for certain orthopedic procedures (cerclage or tendon repair).The use of these sutures is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to steel and/or its principal metallic components, chromium and nickel. Additionally, the presence of steel may interfere with certain radiodiagnostics and its use is contraindicated where radio transparency of suture material is required. This range of suture have negligible acute inflammatory reaction in tissue and are not absorbed.

Nylus® – Black Monofilament Polyamide Suture

We offer an outstanding quality range of non-absorbable sutures, the Nylus – Black Monofilament Polyamide Suture. It offers smooth passage through tissue because of low frictional co-efficiency and excellent elasticity. Its knot pull strength and needle swage strength are greater then USP limits. In addition, it has superior cutting needles which are excellent for use in plastic surgery. The Nylus is ideal for use in skin closures

Prolus® – Blue Monofilament Polypropylene Suture

We offer an outstanding quality range of non absorbable sutures, the Prolus – Blue Monofilament Polypropylene Suture. The range has excellent high tensile strength. Its knot pull strength exceeds USP limits. Being smooth in texture in its material it offers minimal tissue trauma. This Prolus sutures is used in cardiovascular surgery and is straight packed to minimize memory. This type of suture offers secured knot tying. The product is packed using Tyvek paper for extra security.