Stelus™ – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture

We offer laser welded Stelus sutures. Our comprehensive range of Stelus – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture is composed of 316L stainless steel conforming to ASTM Standard F138 Grade 2 “Stainless steel bar and wire for surgical implants. This type of suture is the preferred choice of surgeons as these meet all operational norms. Steel sutures are the most inert among all suture materials and provide maximum tensile strength. Stelus – Monofilament 316 L Stainless Steel Suture is preferred for use in abdominal wound closure, intestinal astomosis, hernia repair, sternal closure and also for certain orthopedic procedures (cerclage or tendon repair).The use of these sutures is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to steel and/or its principal metallic components, chromium and nickel. Additionally, the presence of steel may interfere with certain radiodiagnostics and its use is contraindicated where radio transparency of suture material is required. This range of suture have negligible acute inflammatory reaction in tissue and are not absorbed.

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