Silkus® – Black Braided Silk Suture

A very common nonabsorbable suture offered by us is the Silkus – Black Braided Silk Suture that is coated with silicon to allow easy passage through tissue, limit absorption and increase ductility. This type of suture has great knot pull strength and needle swage strength greater than USP limits. The range is packed using Tyvek paper for extra security. It is dyed black for better visibility. Although Silkus is classified as a non-absorbable suture, it loses most of its tensile strength in one year. Silk being a natural fiber produces an inflammatory reaction, which is followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. Besides, even though Silkus is classified as a non-absorbable suture, it gets completely absorbed in 2 years. Hence, it can be considered as a very slow absorbing suture.

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